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insoro brings unbiased investment advisory to global scalability.

Our software creates tailor-made ETF portfolios and helps you to save costs in the investment process. We optimize the whole process of investment advisory from risk assessment to exchange selection and ensure monthly reporting and monitoring of your investments.


We make Investment advisory transparent and fair

We never charge any volume related fees. We never receive any commission. Get access to our software by choosing the subscription tailored to your needs.



The cost impact of investments

Bored by marketing pledges from digital asset managers? Calculate yourself how our low cost structure will influence your returns.

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0€ 2500€

Expected Return 7% p.a. More info

4% 12%

Current Product Cost 2.2% p.a. More info

1% 3.5%

Front Load 4% More info

0% 5%

Deferred Load 1% More info

0% 5%

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We charge less – and deliver more

We use sophisticated technology to find the most effective allocation of assets using a Conditional Value at Risk framework. Given your individual characteristics, we screen an ETF database with more than 13,000 products considering taxes, withholding taxes, costs and your individual constraints to create the most efficient portfolio. Our additional modules help you to save further costs in the investment process.


Stay in full control of your funds

Keep your funds in your existing bank account and implement our advice in minutes, or give us a mandate and we do everything for you.


Customize everything

Our modular approach makes it possible that we help you only where you want us to help. Do you already have an idea of your portfolio? Perfect – we help you to make it as efficient as possible.


Built by experts

Insoro is run by professionals with a proven track record in ETFs and portfolio optimization knowing the needs of the digital audience.

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1 individualizable ETF Portfolio


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Unlimited CVar optimizations


Unlimited ETF Selections


Unlimited Smart Order Routing


The most fundamental problem is the lack of adequate investment advice for investors worldwide. The consequences are low capital market participation and suboptimal investment decisions, like high investment volumes in superfluous investment vehicles. This may include cash holdings on checking accounts, high cost active funds or high-risk derivatives unsuited for household investment decisions. By allowing for reliable but economic investment advice based on academic research, insoro aims to increase market participation rates and overall household wealth via low cost passive investment vehicles.
We have the unique possibility to engage in a high growth market environment that currently does not exhibit a direct competitor. Several companies are engaging in the field of Robo Advisory, but mostly with the premise of a full-service asset manager. While we welcome any engagement in the passive investment economy, we believe that such a service burdens unnecessary cost and further middlemen in the investment process, while excluding more sophisticated investors such as institutionals with large ETF investment volumes. We hence decided to only provide sophisticated investment advice in a modular approach, enabling us to deliver advice in the investment process where it is actually needed and beneficial while tremendously cutting costs. Another advantage is that customers remain in full possession of their funds, eliminating the possibility of mismanagement and default.
The whole business model of insoro is to become a fee-only investment advisor that is paid upfront by their customers instead of issuers or middlemen in a commissions-based sales model. Furthermore, we are fully independent of any financial service provider except for market data vendors to guarantee independent and individual investment advice. All services guarantee the maximum of data security possible utilizing most recent security standards. Besides being a certified investment advisor by German law, insoro provides sophisticated capital markets data processing, ETF intelligence and the application of portfolio theory based on current research.
As a customer, you can use our services from any place in the world. However, we are a young startup that has to organically grow and extend our proprietary databases to cover any investment region worldwide. Our overall goal is to enable any investor globally to have access to our services and sophisticated investment advice on ETF portfolio structuring and trading.


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insoro | Christian Rokitta

Christian Rokitta


Christian is a tech enthusiast with expert knowledge in algorithm-based asset management. Besides graduating in Finance (M.Sc.), he is a passionate entrepreneur with experience in investment banking and leading tech companies.

insoro | Benedikt Schulz

Benedikt Schulz


Besides graduating in Financial Economics (M.Sc.), Benedikt has gained hands on experience in ETF Brokerage and Trading. Further, engaging in Sales and Controlling within large German IT and Insurance corporates.

insoro | Lucas Habrich

Lucas Habrich


Lucas is an enthusiastic web developer who is ambitious to utilize latest technologies to build cutting edge software. With management skills and his entrepreneurial mindset, he formed a motivated and thriving development team.


insoro | Prof. André Betzer

Prof. André Betzer

André Betzer is a renowned finance professor at the University of Wuppertal. Apart from teaching and research at numerous top German universities, such as the University of Bonn, Cologne and Mannheim, André Betzer is the co-founder of a financial software company and former chairman of the German Association for Finance (DGF).

insoro | Dariusch Manssuri

Dariusch Manssuri

Dariusch Manssuri is on the executive board of IR.on AG and has been working as specialist in the investor relations sector since 17 years. During this period, he has worked on numerous capital measures, M&A transactions and investor relations projects.

insoro | Akber Khan

Akber Khan

Akber Khan is the founder of Evolve Machine Learners, a global Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning boot camp, incubator, and marketplace, graduated (B.Sc.) from the University of Texas at Arlington in economics.

insoro | Ralf Schneider

Ralf Schneider

Ralf Schneider is an IT specialist and software developer with more than 20 years of professional experience. Apart from numerous positions as lead developer and CTO, he also worked as a freelance consultant for big multinational companies, including Daimler and Deutsche Post.

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